• Ch. Alisherova Kyrgyz State University of Geology, Mining and Natural Resources Development


space, culture, cyberspace, planet, civilization, globalization, artificial environment, progress


The article refers to a technological revolution that leads to profound changes in the whole way of life of people. The characteristic features of the global socio-historical spatial “landscape” of modern human civilization and the impact of globalization of life in general are noted. The significance of space is revealed the importance of the global socio-historical nature of the space of culture is determined, which is characterized by inconsistency, variegation and mosaic, white at the same time intensifying internationalization, powerful integrative trends. It speaks of the role of the scientific and technological revolution which has led to a significant development of communicative relations with the whole world.

The speech touched upon the enormous importance of landscape improvement and landscaping, the development of non-waste spatial and environmental technologies that would orient industrial production according to the type of biological cycle. This will help to overcame the situation when a person, “having taken 100 units of a substance from nature, uses 3-4, and throws the remaining 96 into nature in the form of poisonous substances and waste”. Smoking chimneys, various landfills, dead ponds pollution of the air basin, reduction of forest areas not only do not adorn the spatial landscape of the planet, but also a serious danger to the future of human civilization. These problems are global in nature and concern all of humanity. The assumptions of scientists that in the future the space of culture will be based on the concept of a noospheric society, which will be based on a noospheric base of knowledge and technology, are examined. Others believe than the era of the information society begins in the 21st century in which the level of development of the information space, where priority belongs to information activity employees, the specific employment rate is continuously increasing by processing, generation, use of dissemination, information environment.

Thus, the work covers various aspects of space, its deficit for humans, the global nature of the problem of cyberspace, the assumptions

Author Biography

Ch. Alisherova , Kyrgyz State University of Geology, Mining and Natural Resources Development

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor  of the Departament of the State   Language and Social Sciences


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