• K. Hagverdiyev Baku State University


fact-based sustainable development, integrative methodology, perspectives, integration, innovation, sustainable development based on national potential, sustainable development, interactive technology, developmental learning, educational professionalism


The perspectives of the sustainable development of chemical education were studied through the integration of education and the formation of important standards, choosing more reliable and important research and educational processes. The main role of chemistry and the chemical industry for sustainable development in modern period is characterized by being at the center of chemical education. Education is associated with the ability to contribute to the development of society in terms of sustainable future development.

Development of education and training is a positive impact on the logical perception and pedagogical process of students' mastery skills using innovative technologies integrative development of sustainable education through chemistry and through more effective selection of methods, techniques and methodologies in accordance with the requirements of the time.

The results of research on the perspectives of sustainable development of chemistry education are used as a new theory in the teaching process, to organize lessons more actively in both secondary and higher education, to develop students' logical understanding and increase interest and motivation in chemistry.

The practical significance of the article is that the ideas put forward in the article can be used by secondary school and high school teachers, students and pupils in the pedagogical process. 

Author Biography

K. Hagverdiyev , Baku State University

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor


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