• S. Ibadova
  • A. Mammadova


Soil, sealing, CIS, Azerbaijan, Baku, Ganja, urban, urban soils.


Soil sealing has negative impacts on ecosystem services since urban green and soil get lost. Although there is political commitment to stop further sealing, no reversal of this trend can be observed in countries CIS. This paper raises the questions which strategies can be regarded as being efficient toward ecologically sustainable management of urban soil sealing and who has competences and should take responsibility to steer soil sealing? The analyses are conducted in Azerbaijan. The assessment of strategies is carried out using indicators as part of a content analysis. Legal-planning, informal-planning, economic-fiscal, co-operative, and informational strategies are analyzed. Results show that there is a sufficient basis of strategies to secure urban ecosystem services by protecting urban green and reducing urban gray where microclimate regulation is a main target. However, soil sealing management lacks a spatial strategically overview as well as the consideration of services provided by fertile soils.


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