• K. Hagverdiyev Baku State University
  • A. Maharramova Baku State University

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The quality of chemical education, we mean a result that reflects the external and internal definition of the process, that is, goals and objectives, levels, content components, stages, methods, tools, forms, conditions, as well as optimal correspondence to the actual results. Activity and personal qualities are expressed in the specified criteria.

Quality assurance in chemistry education cannot be imagined without meeting the needs and requirements of individuals, society and the state. Therefore, the quality of chemical education that meets the existing needs of man and society is an integral feature of the chemical education system.

The quality of chemistry education is determined by the requirements of the new educational standard. The qualitative characteristics of the results are characterized by the ability to assess the quality of individual regulatory, cognitive, and communicative activities.

Today, the achievement of quality in chemistry education has become possible due to the traditional innovative nature of the level of knowledge, the achievement of various educational results, the development of skills, research activities, educational motivation and other criteria for self-education. Knowledge, skills, activities, experience and value relationships are the means of forming holistic professionalism.

Suggests the importance of establishing a relationship with a specific thematic area, can determine its direction. As you can see, the quality of chemical knowledge is a multi-factor concept methodology.

It is important to master the school curriculum, educational material, not only in the form of knowledge, but also in the form of skills.

Биографии авторов

K. Hagverdiyev , Baku State University

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor

A. Maharramova, Baku State University

Member of the student scientific society of the chemistry faculty

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