• F. Mfarrej

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Crisis Management/ Governmental Hospitals/ War in Syria


Health organizations, especially hospitals, are among the most vulnerable ones to expose for crises in the time of war. The crisis may appear as a result of the absence of policies or plans, or the lack of rationality in taking decisions or for many other reasons. A crisis is defined as “a sudden, unexpected event or situation that threatens the ability of individuals or organizations to survive. ”All crises are subject to common standards and elements in terms of planning and preparing well to avoid falling into them, or mitigating their negative effects and increasing the opportunities in order to transfer their effects to the benefit of the organizations. 

This study aimed to evaluate the availability of a crisis management system in the Syrian governmental hospitals during the wartime. Furthermore, it sought to highlight the effectiveness use of the special methods for dealing with crises in the planning, implementation, and treatment stages . 

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F. Mfarrej

Ph.d Candidate of Philology

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