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energy-band structure, absorption, gallium phosphide, p-n structure, band-gap width, barrier height, gold.


In this paper, the optical and luminescent properties of gallium phosphide (GaP) and spectral characteristics of GaP p-n, m-s structures for studying the energy-band structure of GaP were considered. Based on literature data, the absorption coefficient dependence was constructed near and above the fundamental absorption edge of the photon energy hν=2-6 eV in GaP (300 K) to discuss the obtained experimental results.

The results of the photosensitivity spectra study of Au-n-GaP, Au-p-GaP Schottky barriers are presented, which were produced by the chemical deposition of Au nanoscale (~15 nm) on the GaP surface.

By comparing the absorption spectrum of GaP with the photocurrent spectra of Au-n-GaP and Au-p-GaP structures in the visible and ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum, it has been established that usually the photocurrent (


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